Rockwell City Rotary Club and Mid American Energy Employees


Team up for Rotary District Grant Project


The Rockwell City Rotary club began thinking of replacing some rotting benches and adding a couple more new ones, approximately 1 year ago. Plans were made and quotes were received and a Rotary District Grant application was submitted. Three months later Rotary received word they had been awarded the matching grant. Proceeds from the 2022 Rotary Dinner/Dance were used as match money for this grant. The benches were ordered from Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls. In November the benches were ready. They were picked up and stored until spring weather allowed for the assembly. A date was set to install the benches. It was announced and discussed at a Rotary After Hours meeting and Rotarian Brandon Lynch (also a Mid American Energy employee) asked if he could approach his MAE supervisors to see if they might help with the project. The following day Brandon notified us that this would fall under Mid American Energy CARES program (where their employees help with service projects to show their commitment to the communities.) May 3rd was the date set for the installation. At 8:00 AM on that date, six Mid American Energy employees and four Rotarians began installing 5 new benches. One in the Rockwell City Park, One along the sidewalk near Fareway Grocery and three near Golden Buckle Apartments. The project was finished before noon and after lunch the MAE employees worked taking down a rotting tree and trimming another, near the Park basketball courts.

Three rotting benches were taken from the Golden Buckle Apartment area last fall, and rebuilt over the winter, to be placed elsewhere around town. The wood was discarded, the steel frames were sandblasted by Champion Collision Center and then taken to McChesney Auto where they were welded, repaired and painted. Then new seats and backs were installed by Rotarians. They are now ready for placement. Thanks to all involved. This truly was a community project.